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Maltego Office Hours

Our Maltego Subject Matter Experts are ready to answer all of your trickiest questions in our monthly "Ask Me Anything" session. Join our Maltego Subject Matter Experts, as well as other Maltego users from all over the world, and get your questions answered in real-time!

Join our next session on July 30 at 1600 CET!

What to Expect

Join our Maltego Subject Matter Experts as they answer your questions. We won't prepare any training material for these sessions and will only focus on questions being asked by the audience. Join your Maltego peers from all over the world to learn from our experts and from each other!

  • Common Workflows and Patterns

    While every investigation is unique, our SMEs can show you some of our favorite workflows for quick results.
  • Data Sources and Integrations

    Learn which data sources can be used for which investigation types and our tips and tricks for each data integration.
  • Industry Knowledge and Best Practices

    Learn the basics of cybercrime and cybersecurity investigations along with other important topics, like operational security.