Cybersecurity Operations

Accelerate Incident Response.

Learn how to reduce the time needed to gain knowledge about threats potentially harmful for your organizations and clients. Let us show you how to gather information and intelligence quickly, access all of your important data in one place, and develop workflows for incident responses, threat hunting and profiling threat actors.

Videos and Masterclasses

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Mathieu Gaucheler, Maltego SME and cybersecurity expert, takes a deeper look into Adrozek, a malware that injects fake ads into online search results. Mathieu uses combination of Maltego and Virus Total to gather samples that can be used to investigate Adrozek and shows us how to cluster these together.
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Liv Rowley, former Maltego SME and expert on the cybercriminal underground, leads us through an investigation targeting a specific malware known as “Predator the Thief.” By analyzing dark web forums, Liv identifies individuals associated with the creation and distribution of the malware.

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