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Investigating an Email Address

This module is the first step in the Cybercrime learning path. We strongly recommend starting with this module to build foundational knowledge and confidence in conducting investigations in the Maltego Desktop Client before proceeding to other modules. 

Throughout the module you will encounter video demonstrations on performing certain tasks in Maltego. We encourage you to follow along and repeat the steps on your own computer to practice using Maltego. 
  • Required experience:  none.
  • Duration:  30 minutes 
  • Required resources: Maltego Desktop Client.
    Please note that a part of this module requires the use of Darkside data integration that is only available with an Enterprise type license. 
  • Recommended: external monitor, mouse.

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Verify whether an email address is valid using Maltego Standard Transforms data integration.
  • Gather information about the email address from breach data using Have I been Pwned? and Darkside data integrations.
  • Interpret your investigation results in Maltego.

Module Outline: