Maltego Capture the Flag 

Become a digital detective with Maltego!

Join these thrilling challenges featuring realistic scenarios designed to test your investigative skills and resourcefulness. A learning opportunity for any Maltego user, from beginners to experienced, where you can explore diverse categories, new tools, resources and guides.
The Maltego Capture the Flag is only available to Spark PREMIUM users. If you'd like to upgrade your plan, check out our offering here.
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Join the first Maltego CTF to embark on an immersive journey with online sleuthing, data analysis and critical thinking.

More about the CTF

Realistic Scenarios

Our challenges are designed to simulate real-world situations, giving you hands-on experience in gathering and analysing open-source information. Dive into the ream of digital investigation and unravel complex mysteries.

Diverse Challenges

Explore various categories, including social media analysis, geolocation, image forensics, online footprint tracking, and more. Each challenge presents a unique puzzle that requires you to put together information from different sources.

Tools and Resources

Discover a collection of tools, resources and guides to assist your investigations. Stay up to date with the latest techniques and leverage the power of technology to uncover hidden information.