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Case study

Silobreaker in Action: Monitoring Banking Trojans Targeting LATAM Banks

Unlock the power of Maltego's data partnerships with this guide to Silobreaker integration.

Discover how this intelligence platform aids investigators in monitoring and researching diverse topics, including cybersecurity threats and geopolitical risks, through real-time data from various sources. 

This document will introduce you to:

1. Enhanced Intelligence Integration
Learn how Maltego seamlessly integrates with Silobreaker, offering investigators access to real-time data from diverse sources, including the deep and dark web.

2. Cybersecurity Application
Understand how to use Silobreaker to monitor and investigate cyber threats on the example of banking Trojans targeting Latin American banks.

3. Streamlined Threat Analysis
Acquire skills to efficiently identify and assess threats, prioritize relevant information, and bolster your organization's security posture using Maltego and Silobreaker.

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