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Case study

Investigating the Alleged Leak of FSB Agents' Phone Numbers

Discover the intricacies of conducting a person of interest (POI) investigation using Maltego and ShadowDragon SocialNet.

Follow the investigative steps, including combining personal identifiers, utilizing the SocialNet – Bulk Search Transform, and employing image reverse searches to validate and gather information about a POI.

This document will introduce you to:

1. POI Investigation Techniques
Learn the process of conducting an effective POI investigation, starting with limited personal identifiers.

2. Maltego and ShadowDragon
Explore the integration of Maltego and ShadowDragon SocialNet to gather intelligence and identify potential POIs.

3. Image Reverse Search
Understand the importance of image reverse searches in uncovering valuable information about a POI and streamlining investigative efforts.

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