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Case study

Investigate NetWalker Ransomware Attack 

Explore the practical use of Maltego and CipherTrace cryptocurrency intelligence in analyzing and responding to ransomware attacks, using the NetWalker RaaS case as an example.

Learn the steps to evaluate malware threats and conduct cryptocurrency due diligence, using Maltego functions such as data integrations with VirusTotal and Recorded Future, along with CipherTrace data for deepening investigations.

This document will introduce you to:

1. Ransomware Threat Analysis
Understand how to assess the seriousness of ransomware attacks and identify malicious actors involved.

2. Maltego Proficiency
Learn to use Maltego effectively for gathering threat intelligence from various sources and mapping relationships.

3. Cryptocurrency Due Diligence
Gain insights into conducting due diligence on cryptocurrency transactions to avoid potential legal liabilities during ransom payments.

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