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Case study

How to Conduct Person of Interest Investigations using OSINT and Maltego

This guide provides essential techniques to map online footprints, discover personal information, and delve into advanced identity intelligence, empowering investigators in the digital age.

Learn how to wield Maltego's investigative power, integrating OSINT sources like Social Links and Pipl to conduct in-depth person-of-interest (POI) investigations. 

This document will introduce you to:

1. Advanced POI Techniques
Explore advanced techniques such as reverse image search, network footprint analysis, and examining business relationships using data integrations like OpenCorporates and WhoisXML to conduct thorough POI investigations for various purposes, including fraud detection.

2. Maltego Mastery
Gain expertise in leveraging Maltego's capabilities, seamlessly connecting scattered clues to construct comprehensive profiles of individuals.

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