Data Pass: Person of Interest Course

All the Data Integrations that you need for a Person of Interest investigation in one single Hub Item. 

What's included?

Learn how to take advantage of all the benefits included in your Maltego Person of Interest Data Pass with this course!

Person of Interest Investigations

Get an overview of concepts and techniques that are useful in POI investigations.

Data Partners

Learn about all the Data Integrations included in the Data Pass: Darkside, Epieos, Constella Intelligence, ShadowDragon, OpenCorporates, Pipl,, and Image Analyzer.

Workflow Charts & Videos

Learn how to combine Data Integrations and how to use them to get the best results.

Real Use Cases

Watch the Data Integrations in action in a Person of Interest investigation.

Note: This course is only accessible to those who have purchased the Maltego Person of Interest Data Pass.

Please reach out to us if:

  • You have purchased the Data Pass and do not have access to this course.
  • You would like to learn more about the Person of Interest Data Pass and how to access it.